Coliving posted on Jul 7, 2020

How secure is your coliving space? An inquiry into access control in China

With the population in China nearing 1.44 billion people, and just over 60% of the Chinese people living in cities, the state of the Coliving industry seems more relevant than ever. Some even say that the future of urban living resides in coliving spaces. This is perhaps not surprising, as Coliving offers countless benefits to today’s urbanite. Besides the benefits of lower costs for larger living spaces, Coliving provides young Chinese professionals with opportunities to connect with other like-minded people.

When choosing a suitable coliving space to reside in, there are many factors that possible tenants consider. Among these are location, privacy, the price of rent, and community activities. However, there is a vital factor that potential tenants often do not, or cannot, judge beforehand.

This factor is security.

To investigate this subject further, we offer our platform to Sylvia Lee, Marketing Manager at SALTO Systems Asia. Read on to gain insights into her considerations concerning access control systems at coliving spaces in China.

When a tenant is looking for a coliving property, one of the first things they need to consider is security. With benefits such as convenience, lower rents, sustainability, and being a part of a community, Coliving has become an attractive option for many. However, with tenants sharing a lot of the same spaces, it’s imperative to make sure that security is a priority.

A recently released newspaper article highlighted the security levels of electronic locks being used in a coliving property in China. In the article, the reporter conducted a very simple test to verify the security level of a lock, using just a thin plastic card to attempt opening the lock. Surprisingly, the door could be opened within just one minute, without the aid of any professional tool!

The lock mentioned above is a very commonly used model in coliving properties in China: a single latch bolt. The problem with the latch bolt is that it is easier to pick than other locks, such as dead latches. Another issue with the single latch bolt is that it cannot be locked from the outside.

The concierge at the aforementioned coliving property later checked the lock, deemed it faulty, and replaced it. Thus, to investigate this matter further, the newspaper reporter visited a few other coliving apartments and noticed that this single latch lock, and its vulnerability, was indeed not an isolated case. The reporter found that in buildings managed by the same operator, there were various locks being used, which means the security level varied as well.

According to the Annual Report on the Development of Share Economy by the State Information Center, there will be over six million Coliving properties in China in 2020, which will accommodate more than 100 million people. Clearly, there is a need to establish a secure access control system in order to protect the safety of this high number of coliving inhabitants.

As one of the market leaders in electronic access control solutions with installations at numerous coliving facilities across the world, SALTO Systems has a number of advantages when deploying a coliving security solution.

Proven security: The SALTO hardware and SALTO KS software have proven to be stable and capable of supporting large amounts of traffic every day.

Flexibility: Site administrators should be able to grant access to a user at any time and from anywhere. They also need the capability to block the user’s access when their lease contract ends. Finally, the operator needs to be able to alter the tenant’s accessibility to different areas of the property according to the services included in their lease. With SALTO KS, you can unlock doors for your tenants via remote opening functionality, or send them their very own Digital Key, from anywhere in the world.

Auditable: As there is a lot of traffic in coliving properties throughout the day, both by tenants and their guests, administrators have a need for an overview of door openings. The manager must have access to the log in real-time, so he or she can grant or remove the access authorization with a simple click.

Integration: It is always highly preferable to choose access control that can be integrated with other systems, such as video surveillance, intercom, and alarm systems, to name a few. With a cloud-based access control system, it is possible to create a digital ecosystem that proposes a great variety of services for users. This possibility ensures seamless communication between the tenant and the Coliving provider, and SALTO KS provides a smart solution to meet this need.

In conclusion, SALTO KS delivers a seamless and secure cloud-based access control solution to coliving spaces. SALTO KS sites are equipped with wireless SALTO locks, making smart access control possible for any door. Wireless locks also mean easy installation with a minimal impact on the existing architecture. With SALTO KS, you can send a Digital Key to anyone with a registered smartphone, resulting in secure, easy, convenient, and flexible access. Every access event is logged, enabling site administrators to see who goes where and when, and allows them to block users from anywhere.

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