Coliving posted on Sep 27, 2019

The 5 best podcasts for Coliving

In celebration of #InternationalPodcastDay 2019 on September 30th, we have compiled a list of five podcasts that engage with Coliving news, organizations, innovations, experts, and advocates.

This day is dedicated to celebrating the power of podcasts and to promote networking within the industry including podcast hosts, listeners, enthusiasts, leaders, and newcomers.

The landscape of podcasts is versatile and rich, in both entertainment and news value which it provides its listeners. In addition to podcast hosting platforms, one can now listen to their podcast on virtually every platform or phone app, including Spotify, Apple, and Google. It is, therefore, no surprise that podcasts are branching out into contemporary issues and innovations, one of which is Coliving.

Read on to find out which podcast episodes and series made our list, who they are hosted by, and where you can find them:

1. Workationing

Title (Episode): The Workationing Podcast (Ep 24: Adventures in Coliving)

Host: Kari DePhillips and Kelly Chase

Where you’ll find it:, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spotify

Why we like it: The hosts, Kari and Kelly, discuss all the angles of Coliving one would hope for in their approximately 40-minute long episode ranging from money to consumers. Highlights include discussions centred around notable companies WeLive and Common, the ultimate coliving personality type, and a list of the worst and best-case scenarios that come with Coliving.

2. The Coliving Code Show

Title (Series): The Coliving Code Podcast with Christine McDannell

Host: Christine McDannell (with featured guests)

Where you’ll find it: Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, PodBean, Anchor, MyTuner

Why we like it: Unlike most podcasts which cover coliving in select episodes, this podcast show is dedicated entirely towards coliving. Additionally, it is also one of the most widely available Coliving podcasts, accessible across several platforms. The show is a passion project of Christine McDannell, the Co-founder of Kndrd, the first Management software platform and global directory for Coliving.

McDannell is knowledgeable about the Coliving movement, having published her first book on Coliving in 2018 by the same name, ‘The Coliving Code’. Episodes feature experts across the Coliving landscape and McDannell dives into social challenges and issues of modern society such as isolation and sustainability.

3. The Brick Underground Podcast

Title (Episode): The Brick Underground Podcast (Ep 2: Co-living)

Host: Emily Myers (with featured guests)

Where you’ll find it:, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Listen Notes, Player FM

Why we like it: In the second episode of the series, host Emily Myers breaks down everything needed to know about Coliving as a movement. This includes its role within the sharing economy and path towards a keyless and hassle-free housing model. The most engaging topic dealt with is that of legal issues associated with Coliving which Myers discusses with lawyer Michelle Itkowtiz, the founder of the Itkowitz law firm and creator of the Tenant Learning Platform. Listeners consequently gain insight into legal issues commonly associated with Coliving which they should be aware of before committing to space.

4. Dislocation — Real Estate Tech, Proptech, CRETech

Title (Episode): Dislocation (Ep 1: Coliving's Present, Past, and Future)

Host: David Friedlander and Dror Poleg

Where you’ll find it:, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Player FM, PodBean

Why we like it: The episode of this podcast titled, ‘Coliving’s Present, Past, and Future’, does not disappoint with its thorough and expansive overview of Coliving. Some of the questions dealt with include, What is Coliving?, Who are the main operators?, How do they make money?, Is it new? and does it have a future?. Additionally, the podcast mentions key players in the field including Roam and Starcity, among several others, giving listeners coveted industry knowledge!

5. The How Things Grow Podcast

Title (Episode): How Things Grow (Ep 9: The rise of co-living - and how it’s transforming urban housing and community - with Brad Hargreaves (Common, ex-General Assembly)

Host: Shamanth Rao (with featured guests)

Where you’ll find it:, Podtail, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Player FM, Listen Notes

Why we like it: In this episode, host Shamanth Rao goes behind the scenes of top Coliving company, Common. Guest Brad Hargreaves, CEO and Founder of Common, discusses the Coliving business with Rao, particularly reflecting on the overlap between digital realms and real-world spaces which drive the Coliving phenomenon. While doing so, listeners are given a unique industry perspective into urban life and community.

The podcasts listed above are worth a listen as they all present unique approaches to Coliving: A phenomenon that is ever-growing on a global scale.

The range of hosts, experts, and topics of discussion ensure that you will find the perfect episode, and next year we are sure there will be plenty more to choose from!

Happy listening and happy #InternationalPodcastDay!

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