The smart lock solution for your business.

Cloud-based access control, for any company type or size.

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Features & Highlights

Whether you use the SALTO KS apps, or develop your own application; this is what you get, and more...

Improve experience

With KS you can send a Mobile Key to anyone with a smartphone, so no need to hand over tags or even do a remote opening. Issuing and receiving access is much easier and more flexible.

Scalable APIs

Integrate SALTO KS functionality into your existing app with Connect API or depending on your business needs build your own access control solution from scratch with Core API.

Maximise efficiency

No more managing mechanical keys. Simply grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and timeframes. See who goes where and when, and block users on the go.

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Depending on your industry, company size and requirements, Keys as a Service offers three different solutions to best fit your business needs.

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Out-of-the-box access control

SALTO KS is the solution for access control anywhere, any time. Flexible to fit the needs of any type of business.

KS standard functionalities

SALTO KS branded apps

Integration possibilities

Easy to set up

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KS functionality with your branding

With KS Custom your KS app comes with your own front-end. You can select functionalities from KS while preserving your brand.


Feature toggle: Option to select functionalities from SALTO KS


Your own logo, brand identity and URL


Option to integrate Mobile Key into your existing app


Option to add KS Services

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Access control for your core needs

With our scalable API, not only preserve your brand but create your completely customized access control solution.

Access to our locking platform

Build your own dream solution with your brand identity

Host your own user data

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Get the white paper

It can be daunting to find the right access control fit to meet the needs of your business. SALTO KS is here to help: Download the SALTO KS whitepaper and navigate your way to a scalable API that will help you grow your business.

Download the white paper
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Salto KS in action

Upgrade your business

Keys as a Service makes access control a smarter way to manage business access. No matter the size of your business. Enjoy flexibility, scalability, reliability, and the ability to manage access from anywhere, anytime.

Watch SALTO KS in action

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